The problem with Ad blocking

About 25% of German users are already using an AdBlocker. This leads to a high loss in revenue for publishers and marketers.Thanks to years of experience in online marketing and advertising our team has created the best solution possible for this problem.

We are able reach user with advertisement even though an AdBlocker is active. Because of this tisoomi helps publishers and marketers to increase their revenue.

Numerous of satisfied customers are using our anti-Ad Blocking solution already with great success – convince yourself.

Do you know your AdBlock rate?

With the help of our tool you can easily measure the rate of users visiting your website with AdBlock activated. This service is free of charge.

Additional advertising revenues

No matter if you want do expand you own premium marketing or get your marketing done by tisoomi – we will help you monetize your AdBlock traffic.

Innovative and convenient

Constantly new features, ad server support and an intuitive user interface will make sure that there is no additional effort for you.

About tisoomi

A dynamic team straight from the heart of Hamburg – only a few walking minutes apart from the central station – consisting of motivated, talented, creative minds full of excitement for the digital world, this is tisoomi.

We offer innovative solutions to deal with the problems of the AdBlocker technology. We help publishers and marketers to raise their revenues significantly.

With tisoomi advertiser gain access to a new and attractive audience which was not accessible up to now

How can we help you?

Just call us at (+49) 40 / 30 70 65 90 or send us an email to: